Wheelbarrow Weekend wheelbbarrow pictures, courtesy of Ann Boutlton 2016 Wheelbarrows

Wheelbarrow Weekend: Garden Pictures, courtesy of Bill Ballam  Garden Photos

Annual Report for the Year_2015-16

Annual Report 2015



Designs arising from consultation feedback. Elevated views give the clearest impressions; the Plan shows vehicular access route.

Barrow Market Place-Plan

Barrow Market Place-Design Concepts

Barrow Market Place-Elevated view south

Barrow Market Place-Elevated view west

Barrow Market Place-Viewpoint 1

Barrow Market Place-Viewpoint 2

Barrow Market Place-Viewpoint 3

AGM 2014 Minutes and Chair’s Annual Report

AGM 2014 minutes

Annual Report / Newsletter April 2014

Market Place designs feedback:

Consultation Survey – Summary Document v2

These were the Market Place designs presented at the consultation event:

01 Project Information

02 Parking Options

03 Layout Options 1

04 Layout Options 2

05 Features

06 Specific Features

07 Stories

08 Graphic design themes

Other documents:

Constitution of Better Barrow

Chair’s Report March 2013

Considerations for a design

Mission Statement

2 thoughts on “Documents

  1. I must say that the presentation tonight in the hall was great. For me the option “A” is the best as it leaves the trees and to be honest parking no mater how much we make will be full at peak times. As for the pattern I feel most Harison like is “1”.

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