Better Barrow was formed in January 2012, following a public meeting in the Village Hall the previous December. The purpose of the group is, through community involvement, to improve and enhance the environment of the village and raise awareness of its heritage. 

An overview of our past and present project can be found on the Projects page.

How it all began

The Better Barrow Community Project (BBCP) was formed in 2012 by a group of interested and concerned residents following a public meeting in the Village Hall.  The inspiration for the meeting and the formation of the group was the perceived deterioration of the village’s Market Place and the desire to re-establish it as a centre for the community and a focus for the area’s rich heritage.  BBCP is a constituted group and has the full support of the Parish Council and North Lincolnshire Council.

The project’s vision is: “To advance the education of the public in the life, work and achievements of John Harrison (1693–1776) and the geography, history, natural history and architecture of Barrow-Upon-Humber, including: by providing talks and presentations to schools; providing informative and educational publications; and providing and maintaining a Heritage Centre in the area.

John Harrison, who resided in the village for many years, solved the ‘longitude problem’ through building the world’s first, reliable and accurate marine chronometer.  His work is not only of local and regional importance – his inventions have national and international significance and are recognised as such in museums and publications around the world.

The first step in executing this vision will be: “Through promoting the heritage of Barrow-upon-Humber and the contribution of John Harrison to the maritime history of the United Kingdom, make the Market Place a cultural and community centre of the village to the benefit of local businesses and the improvement of community spirit.

Throughout the project the BBCP has solicited the views of the community through a range of consultation exercises.  The BBCP can therefore claim to represent the views and desires of the village residents.  A number of surveys have been carried out, including an initial questionnaire to every household, to discover what kind of Market Place people would like.  Commemorating John Harrison featured strongly with 83.5% of 187 responses in favour.


Our aims 

  • Increasing local, regional national and international awareness of the achievements of John Harrison and the contribution he made to the global community.
  • Celebrate Local and Regional Heritage. Barrow-upon-Humber has a significant local heritage, from Saxon burials and Norman defences through to its involvement in maritime trade and transport from the 18th to the 20th century.  The transformation of the Market Place will enable the community to feel a sense of ownership of this heritage.
  • Increase Tourism and Benefit Local Businesses. The Local Tourism Officer believes a longitude themed site in Barrow could both be associated with other local heritage sites and would be an attraction nationally and internationally for those with maritime interests. A focus in Barrow will bring economic benefit to the area.
  • Increase the use of the Market Place. The BBCP, together with the local Rotary group, has already increased the community use of the space and we continue to seek improvements to make it a more pleasant environment
  • Increase Community Involvement and Spirit. We have seen this develop already through ours and other parties’ activities. An interesting and inviting village centre would be an enormous boost for village pride and attract further community involvement.  It would also combat rural isolation through the establishment of links with regional, national and international bodies


Get involved

One of our core tenets is that Better Barrow is a community project and we aim to involve the whole community in all of our activities.  This involvement ranges from being on the committee, to assisting in our events, to soliciting views through public consultations of varying types.  There are a number of ways for you to keep up to date and get involved:




Please follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter.  We have a membership list and invite anyone who supports our aims to get in touch and add their name to it, it costs nothing apart from a few minutes of your time – so if you’re not already signed up for our newsletter please sign up at the bottom of any page on this site or contact us at or the secretary can be contacted by at 01652 634748.

We also welcome any and all comments, which may be made via the Contact Us page.

Better Barrow Community Project is a registered charity, No. 1159794.  Better Barrow committee, who act as the charity’s trustees, are:

Chair Trevor Millum Fern House, High St DN19 7AA
Vice-Chair Ann Boulton 21 Hallam Close DN19 7FD
Secretary Dee Burney-Jones c/o Fern House High St DN19 7AA
Treasurer Nigel Catley Birchwood House, High St DN19 7AA
Publicity Co-ordinator Ann Boulton
Events Co-ordinator Trevor Millum
Committee members

Sylvia Millum

Pam Loxley               

Neil Jacques        

Debbie Crawford

Graham Griffiths

PC Representative Robert Lyden


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