Barrow’s Barrows


No, not one of the wheelbarrows but a Lego model of the Market Place with an amazing amount of detail, on show on Saturday. Unfortunately, we couldn’t keep it for next year.

In addition to the winning barrows, there were many that particularly caught the eye of the Judge, Amanda, and those who voted in the People’s Choice.  From the Granny in her Salad Daze to the Buddha Garden, from Bloomin’ Barrow’s fabric flower show to the Turtle Beach and Watercress beds…

There were lots of beautiful nursery rhyme / children’s story themed barrows: Thomas the Tank Engine,  Postman Pat, Jack and the Beanstalk, the Owl and the Pussycat, the Old Woman who lived in a Shoe, for example, as well as two Beatrix Potter entries, all so carefully thought out. There were some the three barrows that made Barrow Falls, the Wooden Horse and of course the Transformer!

I’ll just reserve a mention for a special favourite of mine which was the Barrow of Remedies outside the pharmacy – very clever and painstakingly constructed.

And we shouldn’t forget the wonderful open gardens, all looking their best in the lovely sunshine!

Photos to follow quite soon, we hope. There are lots to choose from…