Busy Summer

Car Boot Aug 13

Better Barrow had a good day, along with many others, at the car boot sale organised by Barrow Meridian Rotary. As well as items for sale, there was a ‘Guess the lucky barrow and win the bubbly’ Competition – still on-going and the sale of our newly produced postcards. Twelve cards showing a range of barrows are for sale at 50p each or five for £2. We hope to have them available from outlets in the village soon – or you can place an order by emailing betterbarrow@gmail.com  The full set is on display in our notice board by the Post Office.

In the meantime, thoughts and ideas are still being exchanged with 2B, the landscape architects. When we have something more definite to propose, we will come back to the village community for opinions.  Thanks to everyone who contributed items for sale – or bought something!