If you are a subscriber to the Better Barrow and/or Barrow-upon-Humber websites then you have previously given permission for the Better Barrow Community Project to retain some personal data for the purpose of informing you on the progress of the project.  This data is limited to your address, your phone number and your e-mail address – although we do not necessarily hold all this information on all our subscribers.  Better Barrow retains this information solely for the use by the BBCP and will never sell, give or otherwise disseminate this information to any other body.  Better Barrow will never use this information for any marketing purpose.  The information is stored in accordance with the BBCP’s Data Protection policy which is available upon request.
As required under the Data Protection Act, we are asking for your agreement that we may continue to hold your personal information.  If you do not wish Better Barrow to continue to hold your data, please respond accordingly by email in which case we will delete all your data and cease sending you updates on the project.